AuctivaInternalLink offers the following store policies:

First and foremost, thank you for your business and you are valued beyond compare!! Below are a few things that are needed for you to understand, so that all transactions are clear. If something is not clear....then contact us at (Let's get to the bottom of any confusion, let's answer those questions, let's buy those little cars, and let's all smile...shall we?) does not  offer any item for sale, unless it is physically in stock. See how easy this is?

Everything sold, will be shipped within 24-48 hours of CLEARED payment to your Paypal confirmed address. (note that CLEARED's all capitals, because it's very important) You are encouraged to use Paypal as your payment choice. If you choose to use e-check, please be aware that your payment WILL NOT be shipped until payment is cleared with Paypal. This takes approx. 3-5 BUSINESS days. It is noted in this policy, not to discourage you from using this feature, but to make you COMPLETELY aware, of how long this process can take, and that it is not a reflection on the shipping time. Basically...we don't want you to be upset at us, if your payment takes a week to clear, and your present for Tommy doesn't arrive for another week...when you thought it would be shipped the same day, and would get to you in Tommy's birthday...(and now he's nearly 12 days past his 5th birthday...and are not smiling) Now...if you live out of the country...we are completely thrilled and honored that you would spend with us....but please be aware, because we hate it when people get mad at us...if you choose 1st Class Mail International, and you are completely thrilled with the shipping price, we are happy to send it to you that way, and make it a real bargain for you. However, you must know that we cannot provide you a tracking number for your shipment, cannot insure the package, and cannot give you an estimate on time of arrival, so you must mentally prepare yourself to have the patience of Jobe. We have never actually had a package not arrive, eventually....but let us tell you here and now...we will NOT be responsible to refund your order or shipping cost, because we cannot be responsible for the package once it leaves here. You may not have your package...but neither do we, and we are out the money we paid for the product as well...which just cannot happen. If you want to sleep well at night, have tracking #, insurance...and want someone to yell at (that would be the postal service...not CarMiniatures, (again, one more time on that...NOT CARMINIATURES) then you should probably spend the extra bucks and go with Priority International. Now it may cost a bit more...but what it may cost you now, may save you in medication later down the road...  

Return painful detail: (with humorous examples that should make you giggle if you have a pulse)

All sales are final, unless a mistake has been made by us. (It hasn't happened yet...but it we are stating this, like it is...because once this sentence is typed, it is nearly certain that Murphy will want to share his Law with us), and you have been sent the wrong item. Basically, let's put it this way.
Please follow the guide below, to give you examples:

Yay!! I can return this item because:

1) sent me a purple Beetle Cabrio, when I clearly ordered a Yellow Meyers Manxter.

Yes….YES! (In fact that would be a yes with mega-apologies, and probably a bumper-kissing coupon in the package as well)

2) I ordered this spinny, light flashing...annoying noisy toy car thingy...but it isn't spinny, only one of the headlights are flashing...and I'm not nearly as annoyed by it as I would have hoped.

Yes!……but only because of the one headlight that isn’t flashing…(doesn’t that just seem tricky? Kinda like those darn word problems that you used to get on high school math tests that gave you all this extra information that you just didn’t need…...ok…never mind)

3) Most importantly!!! My reason for wanting to return this item is completely valid, and I contacted CarMiniatures in advance, and they told me exactly what to do!!

Oh heck...This can't be returned because:

1) I changed my mind.

No……ok?…..just no.

2) My dog chewed a hole in the box it came in...while he was waiting for me to get home from work. He accidentally chewed too far, and now I only have the diecast part of my Shelby but the tires and wheels have been clearly chewed off.

DUH! What are WE gonna do with a footless Shelby that glistens with dog slobber…..I mean really!! The answer is no.

3) Maybe I could say the mailman didn't deliver it? can't...because we are watching...and we know... (seriously though...we also use delivery confirmation...and once it is's between you and the post office) But isn’t it just more fun to picture us as an all-knowing psychics?

4) I ordered this really cute Samba Van...However: my best friend took me to a movie last night, and it had a crazed, popsicle eating psycho in it, that terrified everyone by wearing chicken feathers and running over unsuspecting pedestrians…In his Samba Van…then threw chicken feathers out the window at the scene and sped away... "Well, like, it just totally freaked me out, and it just doesn't seem cute to me anymore, and well...I, SO, don’t want it."

No…..and you can thank your “bad-movie-pickin” friend for THAT no!

We could think of many more detailed examples, but for fear that you may find us completely insane...we will just hold off on that for now.

Ebay Customers Only Info:

If you are bidding on an item we have on eBay, we understand that sometimes things happen...your internet isn't working....your pet rabbit chewed a hole in your computer cord...or you placed a bid on a little white Rabbit keychain that had 6 days to go…..then you got invited on a vacation 4 days later, and forgot all about the fact that you bid on something...that is now yours...and you got swept up with all that HAWAII talk, and well...didn't pay within 7 days…..HOWEVER…..what we don’t understand….is how you can e-mail us on the 9th day FROM Hawaii…...FROM your internet-connected laptop…...telling us that you haven’t paid because you are in HAWAII….and you will pay as soon as you get back….(just a suggestion…..if your internet works well enough to send us the excuse e-mail…..We are sure the connection should work long enough for you to click “pay now” on that Paypal transaction….just a hunch. is happy (Super, Extra, Triple Happy) to combine shipping. However, it is done on a case by case basis (We just can't add everything we sell up, then divide it by the total number of items possible, then figure out the probability factor every zip code in the U.S, then multiply that by pi, then square it, then sprinkle that Einstein computation in there for good measure. Then type it into each listing...we simply aren't that smart...plain and simple) There is no way to determine exactly the greatest way to save you cost, until it is known exactly what items are being purchased. If you are interested in purchasing multiple items (Please oh please...keep shopping), or would like a quote on an exact order, please Contact us and you will be helped ASAP.

International Ebay Customers Info:

WE LOVE YOU TOO!!! (A whole bunch in fact)
We very much want to be of assistance to you, and appreciate your business. In your case...the shipping quote for multiple items is of extreme importance, and help is here! Multiple items can be shipped a number of different ways (camel, passenger pigeon, burro from the Grand Canyon, USPS, UPS...etc). Just make a list (A really long one if you have time), and contact us for help right away, if you need it!! (But don't make the questions too hard...and please type slowly)